High value living

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12 Dynamic Lessons

Imagine if a fish could come out of its life in the sea and discover a whole new world of life on the land. In the same way there are great new discoveries for you in this course on High Value Living.

Introduction & Welcome

This simple course is designed to help you easily understand the journey of discovery you have embarked upon. They are one page studies. The course has 12 lessons. Along with each study there is a work sheet to help you to clarify what impacted you the most so that you can remind yourself from time to time. This will be part of your treasure as you journey through life. There are many more courses available, free of charge. You can study at your own pace. We know you will make many wonderful discoveries from God’s book, the Bible.

Paul & Bunty Collins, Presidential Team of the Global Missions Network, welcome you to the experience of High Value Living.

3 Items within each downloadable PDF lesson

  1. Study

    Each study is a step in the discovery of High Value Living for you.

  2. Graphic

    Each study has a graphic presentation to underline the truth.

  3. Work Sheet

    The work sheet is provided so that you can write down the thoughts you have received in relation to the study and how it's going to effect your life. This is for your own record.

  4. Other Free Resources

    www.kingstable.org,  www.onlinebiblecollege.com